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Situational Leadership

Empowering and Inspiring

Leaders at all Levels

SLII®. Empowering
& Inspiring


Exceptional leaders forge meaningful connections.


Exceptional leaders provide their team members with precisely what they require at the right moment. This entails engaging in genuine conversations that inspire and empower. They genuinely care about their employees' personal and professional growth, acting as their advocates and recognizing their potential.

Adopting a situational leadership style represents a significant departure from traditional management approaches. This innovative approach yields significantly higher returns compared to other management styles.

Equip your leaders with the necessary tools to ignite inspiration and drive exceptional performance.


In today's rapidly changing landscape, visionary leadership has become a necessity.


Managers require a leadership training program that enables them to adapt quickly, lead with situational awareness, and empower their team members to achieve success.

  • Research Driven

  • Proven Results

  • Creates Inspired Leaders

  • Universally Effective

SLII Empowers Leaders to Cultivate Stronger Connections


By fostering a cadre of inspired leaders, we enhance morale and engagement, provide vital support to team members, nurture employees' creative problem-solving skills, and drive overall company productivity to new heights.


When managers and team members are fluent in the same language, the occurrence of misunderstandings, micromanagement, and frustration diminishes, leading to a more cohesive and harmonious work environment.


SLII empowers managers to expedite the growth of their direct reports, guiding them on a developmental journey from enthusiastic beginners to self-reliant achievers.



Leaders who align their leadership style with the individual needs of their team members witness a remarkable boost in morale, commitment, and engagement. Such a positive work environment becomes highly desirable, making it unlikely for employees to consider leaving such fulfilling positions.


Extensive research indicates that fostering a supportive relationship between managers and employees leads to significantly higher levels of engagement, forming the bedrock of innovation within an organization.

Introducing SLII®

Introducing SLII®, the world's most renowned leadership training program, designed to equip leaders with the skills to establish significant connections with colleagues, resulting in remarkable impact. By fostering such connections, employees become more productive and engaged, leading their organizations to excel.

SLII goes beyond being a mere leadership training program; it provides exceptional return on investment throughout the entire enterprise. Achieve success through a situational approach to leadership.

Building a Leaders Foundation

Building upon a foundation of a proven and time-tested leadership model, SLII offers an easily comprehensible and practical framework. This framework empowers your managers to accurately assess the development level of employees for various tasks, categorized as

D1 – Enthusiastic Beginner,

D2 – Disillusioned Learner,

D3 – Capable but Cautious Contributor, and

D4 – Self-Reliant Achiever.


Based on these assessments, managers employ appropriate directive and supportive behaviors, classified as

S1 – Directing,

S2 – Coaching,

S3 – Supporting, and

S4 – Delegating

to facilitate their success.

At the core of our approach lies the award-winning learning design, The SLII Experience™, which incorporates the latest research from Blanchard and cutting-edge design theory. This unique learning experience ensures rapid mastery of the methodology, enabling managers to guide their direct reports towards reaching new professional heights.

Course Options

Virtual Instructor-led Course

The SLII Virtual course is five two-hour live instructor-led virtual sessions* spread out over several days. The virtual sessions offer learners an engaging experience that includes instruction, group activities, and opportunities to practice new skills.

  • LAUNCH—Participants frame their thinking prior to class with pre-work assignments and an assessment.

  • LEARN (Sessions 1 & 2)—Activities teach leaders the skills and language to lead situationally.

  • PRACTICE (Sessions 3, 4 & 5)—Leaders develop and practice their SLII vocabulary in activities based on personal work challenges.

  • APPLY—Tools and resources accessible to strengthen and sustain their skills in SLII.

  • *A condensed option with three 90-minute sessions is also available.

2 Day Instructor-led Course

The SLII in person experience is a 2-day, 8 hours per day curriculum that uses a four-part learning path to ensure participants master the content and become situational leaders. The live in-person training provides the fullest content and the richest opportunities to practice new behaviors.

  • LAUNCH—Engaging prework assignments, including an assessment, expedite the learning and help participants internalize the content to frame their thinking prior to class.

  • LEARN—Activities teach leaders the skills and language to lead situationally and offer opportunities for direct participant interaction. (Seven hours including 45-minute lunch break)

  • PRACTICE—Leaders develop their new skills and practice their SLII vocabulary in activities based on personal work challenges. They learn how to match their leadership style and practice SLII conversations. (Nine hours including 45-minute lunch break)

  • APPLY—Tools and resources accessible after the sessions to help participants strengthen and sustain their skills in SLII.

1 Day Instructor-led Course

The SLII in-person one-day experience is an eight-hour, more condensed curriculum using the same four-part learning path.

  • LAUNCH—Participants complete engaging pre-work assignments, including an assessment, to expedite the learning and frame their thinking to real-world challenges.

  • LEARN—Activities teach leaders the skills and language to lead situationally.

  • PRACTICE—Activities based on personal work challenges develop new skills.

  • APPLY—Tools and resources accessible after the sessions to help participants strengthen and sustain their skills in SLII.

Learning Objectives

• Define clearer and more compelling goals

• Accurately identify people’s development levels on goals  and tasks • Use appropriate amounts of direction and support to match people’s needs

• Have respectful and honest conversations that move  people forward

Who Should Attend

• Leaders of all levels

• Executives

• Individuals in leadership roles

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