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A woman with over 28 years of dedicated experience in both public and private sector human resources, employee relations, corporate facilitation, and coaching. Joy is an advocate for personal and professional development. She has a Master's Degree in Human Resources and a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership and brings a wealth of expertise.

As a Blanchard Partner and SLII Facilitator, Maxwell Leadership Executive Program Leader and DISC Trainer and Consultant, Joy is committed to continuous growth. Holding certifications in Life and Mental Health Coaching, Mental Health First Aid Response, Suicide Awareness Prevention Training and Conflict Resolution, she seamlessly integrates well-being advocacy into her holistic approach.

Joy champions a blended approach, emphasizing mindfulness, positive self-image, effective communication, and leadership expansion. Her philosophy is simple: a better person yields a better professional.

For Joy, joy is not just a fleeting emotion but a deep, enduring sense that emanates from within. Owning your joy, is a deliberate choice in the world and the workplace. JOY, Just Own Yours.

Joy's message is simple:

JOY - Just Own Yours

Personally and Professionally

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Some of Joy's associations....

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