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Just a few outcomes you can expect from booking Joy: 

  • Enhanced Leadership

  • Improved Confidence

  • Effective Communication 

  • Enhanced Resilience

  • Improved Work-Life Integration

  • Growing Courage

  • Culture of well-being

  • Increased Engagement

  • Sustainable Impact on Life & Leadership


Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaking engagements empower audiences with inspiring talks that ignite transformation.  Delivering impactful messages, leaving a lasting impression on every individual in the room. Discover the power of our keynotes for a memorable and transformative event.


Mastermind sessions bring together like-minded individuals, providing a unique space for collaboration, learning, and breakthroughs. These intensive trainings offer invaluable insights, cutting-edge strategies, and practical tools to excel in your endeavors. 

Webinars & Workshops

Experience empowering webinars and interactive workshops designed to foster continuous learning and personal growth. Delivering valuable insights and practical tools to help you thrive in various aspects of life and career. Join us for engaging sessions that inspire positive change and elevate your knowledge and skills.

(Situational Leadership)

Unleash the potential of DISC and Situational Leadership for personal and professional growth.

DISC assessment unveils behavioral styles, empowering effective communication and harmonious relationships.

Situational Leadership training equips you with versatile skills to lead diverse teams through challenges, fostering motivation and collective success. . 

Mental Health First Aid
Suicide Prevention Awareness (QPR)

Just like CPR, QPR is an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. QPR is the most widely taught  training in the world.


Identify. Understand. Respond.

Mental Health First Aid is a skills-based training course that teaches participants about mental health and substance-use issues.

Keynote Topics

These are a few of the topics and speaking programs Joy has been invited to share:
Personal growth, Resilience, Leadership, Engagement, Company Culture, etc.

Reclaiming My Joy

"Reclaim Your Shine & Joy" encapsulates a transformative journey.  With life's inevitable challenges and the weight of external opinions, many find their intrinsic joy and self-worth dimmed. Dive deep through a riveting keynote and/or an immersive workshop tailored to reignite that innate spark within. This experience serves not just as an inspirational narrative but offers actionable tools to navigate life's complexities. Discover a renewed sense of purpose, embrace your unique shine, and stand resilient in the face of adversity. Because YOUR joy is not just about happiness—it's about owning your authentic self.

Bringing the Human Back into Human Resources

"Bringing the Human back into Human Resources" equips organizations to address the impact of automation on human interactions in the workplace. This message promotes personal engagement to foster mutual understanding, accountability, discipline delivery, rewards, recognition, and leadership presence with social-emotional skills. Participants will learn to prioritize mental health, apply human dynamics for discipline, reward and recognize effectively, and understand the value of human interactions compared to automated processes.

Mental Health in the Workplace

"Mental Health in the Workplace" is an interactive session that helps identify, understand, and respond to mental health in the workplace. Participants will learn to identify mental health concerns, respond with an action plan, and normalize mental health conversations. It offers practical tools to prepare for incidents and reconsider practices, policies, and procedures with mental health in mind. This engaging experience includes a collaborative case study with peer involvement.

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