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What you can expect from



 OFFERING: Customized Solutions, Actionable Insights, Engaging Presentations, Holistic Development, Practical Tools, Positive Culture Shift, Leadership Enhancement, Lasting Impact, and Dedicated Partnership

THROUGH: Empowerment, Confidence Building, Leadership Development, Addressing Mental Health & Well-Being, Personal Growth, Positive Self-Image, Skills Enhancement, Accountability, Inspiration, and Motivation.


Invite Joy to deliver impactful keynotes that inspire and motivate audiences. She will ignite positive change within your organizations as a catalyst for transformation, fostering a culture of empowerment, resilience, and success.


Joy's coaching services go beyond traditional guidance; they are immersive experiences designed to foster collaboration, ignite learning, and facilitate practical application. Joy customizes her coaching to align with personal and/or professional goals and values, ensuring a meaningful and transformative impact.


Joy facilitates sessions that foster collaboration, learning, and practical application. Participants leave with actionable insights and tools that contribute to personal and professional growth and align with their personal/organizational goals and values.


Elevate your events by having Joy as a host or emcee. With her engaging and charismatic presence, Joy ensures that your audience remains captivated and connected throughout the event. Joy's hosting adds a dynamic touch that enhances the overall experience.


Expert Services Covered

  • Leadership Development
  • DISC - Personality Assessment & Workshop
  • Situational Leadership II - Blanchard Companies
  • Positive Self-Image 
  • Mental Health & Well-Being
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness
  • Bringing the Human Back into Human Resources
  • Reclaiming Your Joy
  • Mindfulness

Additional programs...

There are a multitude of workshop options and program offerings, with the flexibility to tailor experiences to your specific needs and interests.​​

  • Personal and/or Professional Development
  • Team Building & Staff Development
  • Effective Communications
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