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What you can expect from



 OFFERING: Customized Solutions, Actionable Insights, Engaging Presentations, Holistic Development, Practical Tools, Positive Culture Shift, Leadership Enhancement, Lasting Impact, and Dedicated Partnership

THROUGH: Empowerment, Confidence Building, Leadership Development, Addressing Mental Health & Well-Being, Personal Growth, Positive Self-Image, Skills Enhancement, Accountability, Inspiration, and Motivation.


Invite Joy to deliver impactful keynotes that inspire and motivate audiences. She will ignite positive change within your organizations as a catalyst for transformation, fostering a culture of empowerment, resilience, and success.


Joy's coaching services go beyond traditional guidance; they are immersive experiences designed to foster collaboration, ignite learning, and facilitate practical application. Joy customizes her coaching to align with personal and/or professional goals and values, ensuring a meaningful and transformative impact.


Joy facilitates sessions that foster collaboration, learning, and practical application. Participants leave with actionable insights and tools that contribute to personal and professional growth and align with their personal/organizational goals and values.


Elevate your events by having Joy as a host or emcee. With her engaging and charismatic presence, Joy ensures that your audience remains captivated and connected throughout the event. Joy's hosting adds a dynamic touch that enhances the overall experience.



Program Topics

Positive Self-Image & Growth Mindset

These masterminds are designed to build confidence, shed self-doubt, embrace authenticity, experience self-love, be held accountable, and have a like-minded community. These transformative experiences emphasize purposeful living, mindfulness, and emotional well-being while offering a toolkit for personal and professional growth.


"Mastering Mindfulness" reduces stress, increases emotional resilience, addresses accountability, and promotes a greater sense of well-being and success. These engaging experiences empower us to blend personal well-being with professional excellence using real-life examples to improve relationships, elevate self-care, and live a more balanced and fulfilled life.  

Reclaiming Your Joy

"Reclaim Your Joy" encapsulates a transformative journey.  With life's inevitable challenges and the weight of external opinions, many find their intrinsic joy and self-worth dimmed. Dive deep through a riveting keynote and/or an immersive workshop tailored to reignite that innate spark within. This experience serves not just as an inspirational narrative but offers actionable tools to navigate life's complexities. Discover a renewed sense of purpose, embrace your unique shine, and stand resilient in the face of adversity. Because YOUR joy is not just about happiness—it's about living as your authentic self.

Mental Health in the Workplace & Suicide Prevention

"Mental Health in the Workplace is an interactive session that helps identify, understand, and respond to mental health in the workplace and train on suicide prevention awareness. Participants will learn to identify mental health concerns, respond with an action plan, and normalize mental health conversations. It offers practical tools to prepare for incidents and reconsider practices, policies, and procedures with mental health in mind. This engaging experience includes a collaborative case study with peer involvement and QPR as an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. 

Leveling Up Leadership

This Leadership Mastery Workshop Series is not just a training; it's a dynamic journey designed to elevate your leadership style, enhance communication skills, and deepen self-awareness, creating a transformative experience for leaders at all levels. We balance communication techniques, DISC, Situational Leadership II, and infuse fun with the Leadership Game for professional growth. Leveling up your leadership will bring forth the agility and insight needed to thrive in today's complex and ever-changing business landscape in the workplace and benefit your personal growth aspirations in the world.

Bringing the Human Back into Human Resources

"Bringing the Human back into Human Resources" equips organizations to address the impact of automation on human interactions in the workplace. This message promotes personal engagement to foster mutual understanding, accountability, discipline delivery, rewards, recognition, and leadership presence with social-emotional skills. Participants will learn to prioritize mental health, apply human dynamics for discipline, reward and recognize effectively, and understand the value of human interactions compared to automated processes.

Additional programs...

There are many workshops and program offerings available as well as those that can be created custom to meet your needs.

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